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For over 140 years Trustees Executors has been playing a vital role helping Kiwis protect their assets to ensure a successful future for their families.

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We have been planning, building and protecting Kiwi wealth since 1881.

Whether you are an individual, family or corporate, we have the right mix of tools, technology and professionals to help you succeed in personal wealth and business.

We exist to make your life easier, and to give you the peace of mind that you’re on the right path to success.

If you’re an individual or family, you want to build private wealth and have your affairs in order so you can ensure those you care about are secure and provided for in the future. That means getting the right investment advice and asset protection strategies onboard to make your plans achievable.

If you’re a corporate, it’s important to work with a technology-driven partner that will help your business grow, ensure you have the right governance and oversight to protect your customers’ interests whilst giving them access to the best experiences when investing and managing their portfolios. We now oversee the administration and supervision of client investment assets in excess of $210 billion.

If you’re a charity, you’ll need access to an experienced trustee and partner, who can help structure your approach to strategic giving and provide the investment expertise required to bring your long-term vision to life.

You can trust Trustees Executors with your future. We’ve been here for over 140 years and we’ll continue to be here when you need us.

Trustees Executors oversees the administration and supervision of client investment assets in excess of $210 Billion

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Individuals and Families

If you're looking to create a legacy and protect wealth for yourself, your family and future generations, we can help you with

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Assets We Can Help You A Corporate


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Assets We Can Help You A Charity


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Trustees Executors Charitable Foundation

We provide the opportunity for individuals, families and companies to pool their generosity together to deliver long lasting support for a range of charitable causes and those close to their hearts.

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