Our Technology and Partners

Digital-first fund administration solutions

Global expertise, locally deployed

Our digital technology is delivering great outcomes for our clients and their customers. We have partnered with global technology companies, such as Bravura Solutions, MuleSoft, SS&CAWS, and Davanti to help deliver our seamless digital experience.


Our digital technology allows our clients to co-create solutions and shape their own experiences while optimising business efficiencies.

The concept of co-creation is at the heart of how Trustees Executors partners with our clients to deliver excellent outcomes. 

The ability to quickly access, interpret and share data securely is essential in the financial services sector.

TE Connect

Our Enterprise Services Architecture

TE Connect is a key project of our global partnerships. It provides our clients with a powerful, ready-to-use data marketplace. The solution is based on the concept of a data ecosystem, where using API technology, real-time data can be shared between external partners, stakeholders, our clients and their customers. 

Hosted on a highly accessible and scalable AWS cloud environment, TE Connect is aptly named as it connects our clients into our data infrastructure to ensure they have the data they need, when they need it. It provides for a fast, secure, and personalised client experience and access to data from various sources, empowering them with information to make better business and financial decisions. 

API Infrastructure

Our Application Programming Interface (API) framework enables our clients to query and update data held in the administration platform. Utilising our APIs empowers our clients to provide fast, easy and enjoyable investor experiences in both the onboarding and ongoing management of their investments. 

We can customise or “compose” a solution for individual clients based on their unique requirements. As a financial services administrator it is important for us to facilitate efficient and effective communication. Our API technology allows us to eliminate the previously time-consuming process for data exchange between ourselves and our clients and enables us to offer our “Plug and Play your way” interactive capabilities, that drive greater customer satisfaction and experiences.

TE Digital Investor Portal

Create brilliant client experiences through our TE Digital Investor Portal. Our online portal and customisable front-end website provides our clients and their investors with clear, intuitive online functionality including dashboards, account views, transaction ability and performance details.

We can either support our clients by empowering their investors with the ability to self-serve via access to their accounts, or our clients can choose to utilise our API integration to exchange data between their own customer portal and our administration systems.  

Our digital investor experience also allows our clients' customer facing teams access to investor information and accounts, or our API integration provides opportunities for integration of data into their CRM system.

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